Thursday, February 17, 2011

Most famous and social restructuring Urdu Novels

Urdu writers always played a great role in the history of Urdu literature. They brought many social reforms through their impressive literary work. Especially novel writers are on the top of the list some of them played a tremendous role by creating very interesting and impressive characters in the novels. The most interesting and good fact about these novels is that these are now available online. People can easily read them. These are top social reforms Urdu novels 

1. Hasil by Umera Ahmad
It is a delicate Urdu novel written by Umera Ahmad. It is generally based on the religious theme and peace of soul. Now a day’s everyone is in frustration and want to get peace of soul. This novel has two characters simultaneously. One character is of the Muslim boy, who is switching his mind towards Christianity just to get peace of mind. Other character is a Christian girl who is converting towards Islam from Christianity. She is also in search of  peace of mind and soul. A great theme and concluding the solution of this social and common problem, that Islam is the solution of all our problems. Just we need to follow it completely. All should read this novel to get the idea of real life problem. 

2. Man o Salwa by Umera Ahmad
It’s a master piece produced by Urdu writer Umera Ahmed. She delivered a clear concept of Halal and Haram through the character of a girl Zainab. How Haram income (prohibited by Islam) is demand our peace of life. Why it is prohibited and harmful. And Halal is beneficial for us. Strong character of novel depicts a clear picture of this theme. All should read this novel.

3. Yeh Galian ye Chobaray by Faiza Iftikhar
Faiza Iftikhar is much popular Urdu novelist among the enthusiastic readers. She also wrote a lot on social issues and reforms. Her novel “Yeh Galian ye Chobaray” is based on the theme of joint family system. In these days people are running away from the joint family system and want to live separately and independently. She told through this novel about the cousin marriages, and parents’ effects on their children after marriage, divorce of young couples. She concluded that in life choose right women to live a happy life.

4. Paras by Rukhsana Nigar Adnan
Rukhsana Nigar Adnan is a famous name among Urdu novel writers. Novel “paras is one of her great work based on social issues and reforms. Story based on a girl belonged to a very rich family. But due to some reasons she has to live with a very lower middle class family. How she faced and how she behaved with those people is the story of novel.  

5. Ham Safar by Farhat Ishtiaq
Ham Safar” is an excellent work by Farhat Ishtiaq. It is based on a very common social issue especially in the developing eastern countries. A poor girl who got marries to an elite class boy. Her mother in law tries to break this marriage by using some teasing tactics. Theme shows the importance of love in the married life and compromising among people having different nature and attitude. 
No doubt Urdu writers played a fantastic role in social reforms and showed a true picture of society.

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