Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Akbar The Great Mughal Emperor (part-2)

He was a spiritual person, and had a deep faith on religion Islam. He organized mehfils in his court for the Urdu poets and intellectuals. He brought up in a Muslim family and followed the Islamic rules in throughout his life. He was very flexible towards other religions and also he did not force religion on non-Muslims. He also respected their religions and often organized religious sessions and debates with Hindu community. He also established a religious group with the name of “Din-e-Ilahi”.

He faced 1st big conquest in Malwa in1562. He occupied on “Gonds” also with the help of his army and governor of Allahabad Asaf khan. Who fought with the queen of  Gonds “Rani Durgavati”. After occupying on Malwa Asaf khan took control on Rajasthan, Gujarat and Bengal.
 He conquered the Chittor in 1968 which was ruled by the Maharana Uday Singh. It was his major victory.

Uday Singh left the Chittor land after putting two soldiers to save it. Army of Akbar destroyed their forts of Chittor. His soldiers killed about 30000 men there. They refused to accept Mughal kingdom in Chittor. When akbar occupied on Chittor he putt two stone statues of those two soldiers Jaimal and Patta in Agra, who were appointed to save Chittor. In Chittor two tribes of Rajput “Sisodiyas” and “Hadas” were against to Mughal kingdom.
They were strongly against Akbar’s realm even after he had conquered on Rajput empire. Maharana Pratap was their commander then. In 1952 he occupied on Ahmadabad. It is very rich land with respect to fertile soils and crafts. His forces took care a lot of taxation system ,military and political system, that’s why he called a successful king of that land.

He was broad minded and had friendly relationship with other communities like Hindu, Christian, and Muslims. Abul Fazal wrote two books AkbarNama and Ain-I-Akbari on the life history of Mughal king Akbar. He made many institutes for education, and many Urdu poets, writers; scholars belonged to his time of ruling. No doubt Mughal family gave birth to Urdu.

People remember him for his good deeds and bravery .

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