Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Akbar The Great Mughal Emperor (part-1)

Mughal ruling period was the golden period for Urdu language. Urdu flourished in their time. Lots of attackers and conquered came in Asia subcontinent, because it was the land of huge treasures and wealth. They seriously tortured its natives after conquering India many great emperors and kings also came there and did so much good work for the peace and prosperity of the people. Mughal emperor Akbar was one of the great king of that period .

He belonged to the family of Mughal emperors. He was son of Humayun and grandson of Mughal king Babar. King Babar was the founder of Mughal family and emperor. He got the seat of king when he was 13 years old after his father’s demise.
He faced large number of forces pointed by the Hindi king Hemu with the support of Bairam khan. He occupied in Delhi on 6 October 1556 after defeating king Hemu. Akbar occupied on large area of India after the 2nd Panipat war.

He also defeated the king Sher Shah Suri, because he putted his father into the jail in Persia. He brought up by  uncle Asker in the village Rewa. He was much fond to extend his empire and he extended it to east(Afghanistan). He was not educated. He did not learn to read and write. But he learnt the rules and tricks of hunting and fighting.  He was very famous and liked by his people for good virtues and justice. After 2 decades he also included India into his kingdom. He was much interested in literature and paintings. He contributed a lot to flourish Urdu.

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